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It’s official! Juneteenth is a federal holiday!

The official’s are working out for the details in the coming days, we’re celebrating five brands controlled by Black to begin our summer festivities and keep the campaign moving!From household goods to beauty, and everything else between, we have all the family members covered in list.

Simply Naked Candle Co.

The idea was born out of a nurse’s wish to share her most-loved R&R practice, SNCCoffers delicious scents with catchy names to distinguish itself from the other.In contrast to other big corporations the candles of SNCC are 100% naturaland made from natural ingredients, such as soy wax that is 100% pure coconut, beeswax, and coconut. Candle is made by hand and the scent is pleasantand not overpowering.

Simple Naked Candle Co is well-known for its collaboration that features the renowned R&B artist Sammie.The range includes six scents starting with “Pure Honey” to “Dream About Me”.

As restrictions are lifted in the nation, owners expect to establish franchises as well as retail outlets across the nation.While they wait, they’ve got ambitious plans, which include anbar loungeOpening shortly in Atlanta.

LAMIK beauty

Love and Makeup in The Kindness Beauty offers a vegan makeup line that is natural and suitable for women of every color.

From gorgeous lipstick colors to premium brushes, the brand has everything you need to get an ideal appearance.If LAMIK is familiar to you, then you’ve probably heard of hercelebrity eyebrow kit that was featured by Allure, Essence, and even CNBC!

Kim Roxie was the founder of LAMIK in Houston after observing the harmful chemicals that are found in many top makeup brands.She was decided to make pure makeup products that could give women a healthier affordable and affordable alternative that would match their skin color.LAMIK established as a local makeup shop in Houston, Texas.After many years of selling her products locally, and the loss of her mother due to cancer of the breast, LAMIK 2.0 was launched in 2020 that focus on online shopping.They introduced their top-selling eyebrow kit, then soon added their entire line they currently sell!

Bricks and Wood

Next will be the South Central’sBrick and Wood!The company’s clothing can be found in numerous clothing stores across the globe and is bringing LA fashion to all citizens.Their distinctive style, coupled with unisex styles, has everything for all!

Bricks & Wood was dedicated to the tales of the South Central residents. South Central.It’s not your typical clothing brand!B&W is known for creating top quality clothing that doesn’t just last for long and are also a reflection of an attitude of time.They want to provide tiny communities that are struggling financially a place to express their creative ideas!

Find out what’s left from this New Balance collaboration and many other Bricks & Wood items Here!

Yatir clothing

While B&W offers some of the top streetwear offers as well as a coworker Joi Lanell brings us the perfect blend of street wear and glamour!

Yatir Clothing is a plus size clothing brand that was established in the year 2016.With their clothing, Joi Lanell hopes that all of her customers be satisfied and beautiful with each purchase.With humorous and uplifting words, Yatir clothing enhances your outfit everyday with top quality fabrics!

Of course , you’ll be asking you, “What exactly is “Yatir” means?As per the female who wrote it, Yatir is a Hebrew word for the most successful or highest level of success.The phrase is the source of inspiration and the location for the brand’s e-commerce site Lanell.For Joi Lanell it’s not just about the money. It is also about how her customers feel. experiencing.

Symphony Chips

Symphony is a family-owned company that is a specialist in gourmet chips.The company began as a company that sold spices, Las Vegas chef Andre ‘Anderson’s special blend of spices and herbs.However, the spices were not a huge popular choice, so the company made the decision to offer tastings of vegetables as well as potatoes in their store.The chips gained a lot of attention after people were captivated by Anderson’s (the family patriarch) spices and tasty homemade chip.The rest is the story!

Symphony Chips was featured on Good Morning America as well as various other media outlets.It’s hard not to become enthralled by Symphony Chips and the Anderson family, especially their tasty chips.Since then, they’ve increased their offerings to include 3 varieties including original, balsamic and smoked.Everyone has their own personal taste and they’re all accessible on the internet!

With only natural ingredients and family recipe. These chips are vegan-friendly and safe from peanut allergy!Did you know that there’s no MSG as well?This is a great alternative to major brands!

Are you able to add any more to the list?Post a comment below to share your top choices!

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